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IS450 Gear


IS450 gear has not only slim shape like IS250 but also has the highest durability 450N·m among our products.

Strength 450N·m
Application Back Rest
Pitch 6° Pitch


  • Ideal for back rest or large sized arm rest

    The 1.8 times stronger gear than our
    regular model feel assured to use
    for the large arm rest.

    Comparison of the strength
    between IS450 and IS250


Non-spring type
  • IS450Y-15-180

  • IS450Y-15-90

Spring type
  • IS450Y-SS45-15-180

  • IS450Y-SS45-15-90

Action Pattern

  • IS450Y-5-132
  • IS450Y-9-90
  • IS450Y-12-180
  • IS450Y-15-90
  • IS450Y-15-180