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GS-ERNoiseless Stepless Fitting

  • STEP

Silent, Stepless adjustable fittings bring even more comfort to functional sofas.

Strength 30〜100N·m
Application Head Rest, Arm Rest
Pitch Stepless

Features of GS-ER

  • ER FUNCTION(Emergency Recovery Function)
    In emergency, the torque limiter
    the overload to be
    released and prevents
    the fitting
    from a malfunction.
    * Please avoid from constant ER operation
    within a short time.
  • Noiseless Fitting

    No click sound

  • Stepless Fitting
  • Durability

ER Function details

ER Function Test Chart
  • * The upper graph shows an average of 30 samples measured at every 200 cycles.
  • * Please avoid continued ER operation in a short period of time.
  • * We will not guarantee ER function after using 1,000 times or more.
  • * Please use it as a reference value only.

For headrests and armrests of sofas equipped with conventional fittings,
loads higher than expected will potentially impair the performance
of functional sofas.

Product lineup

Standard type
Spring type

Movement pattern (lock nut type)

* The starting position , and the movement pattern differe,
depends on the arm type and installation method. Please consult us.

  • 48 degree
  • 72 degree
  • 90 degree
  • 108 degree
  • 120 degree