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KDR Gear

Gear with high load capacity/free-lock mechanism


This gear has a high load capacity and a free-lock mechanism.

strength 330N·m 230N·m
Application Back Rest, Head Rest
pitch 5°pitch

Features of KDR Gear

  • duability

free-lock mechanism

After the gear is released, the backrest is adjustable at any angle without having to be folded flat.
The angle can be adjusted even if there is not much space behind, such as against a wall.
Unlike conventional free locks, there are no resin parts, making welding easier.

  • conventional gear

    Requires large space for angle adjustmentThe angle can only be adjusted after it is tipped down 180°.

  • KDR gear

    Angle can be adjusted in a small spaceThe KDR gear can be locked at any angle after release.

How to Operate

  • release

    releaseTilt the backrest forward to
    Unlock the gear.

  • free

    freeAdjust the backrest to
    your desired angle.

  • lock

    lockPull the backrest back slightly.
    Lock it.


*Actual products are not plated.(raw steel)

Action pattern

  • KDR-H
  • KDR-L


Resin cover

Upper cover: Prevents fabric and urethane from being rolled in
Case cover: Prevents scratches on the floor

  • KDR-H

  • KDR-L


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