How to operate

Rachet lever release type

  • How to adjust upward

    When adjust upward, step on the table base and lift the top board with both hands. In this way. the top board goes up. Each position is 3/4 inch (20mm) apart.

  • How to adjust downward

    When adjust downward. hold the lever up and push the top board down. Release the lever at your favorite step, then the top board will be fixed.

Adjustable height range

  • The arm rest of the wheel chair under the normal table height prevent us from moving closer to the table. For the aged, the normal table height sometimes is unconfortable.
    Koyo legman is the solution for flexible applications.


Lift-locked caster

By pushing down the pedal. the
adjuster comes out from the
bottom of the caster, and makes
the table fixed.