Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2017
SOUND ZERO (ST 250) debut
and Square shaped adjustable leg (SV leg) introduced in European market.


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2015
Alpha gear (LS200 α/Free-lock Mechanism) debut
and Electronic based Gear EL-01H introduced in European market.


Established KOYO Germany GmbH at Dusseldolf, Germany


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2013
Micro-Pitch gear and IS gear with long stretch mechanism(IS150LT)
debut in European market.


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2011
IS gear with stretch mechanism(IS150T) debut in European market


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2009
Successfully developed LS gear and start the sales drastically
Koyo IS/LS Gear Debut in European market
Start business transactions with Ipea s.r.l. Group in Europe
Distribution channel for Italy, Spain, Portugal firmly established


Successfully developed IS functional gears for European sofa
Exhibited Koyo IS gear at Shanghai FMC show as reference
Start business transactions with Lider Interior, Brazil
And Koyo IS gear sales for South America established


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2007
Start business transactions with Cieffe s.r.l., Italy for Koyo Legman
distribution and Bursali Metal Furniture, Turkey for Koyo ratchet gear system
Stanford University, USA selected Koyo Legman for their new Y2E2 ecology building.


Opened Koyo China Sales office & factory at Dongguan city, China
Sales and distribution for China and the South East Asian nations enlarged
Successfully developed KX-14 fine pitch reclining gear .


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2005
Successfully developed the world smallest fine pitch gear mechanism:
KS series Koyo KS gear debut at world market KS gear consumed the
No.1 in Japan market (2010)


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2003
Start business with HAFELE USA for the distribution of Koyo Legman.
US school facility newly adopted Koyo Legman for their science tables


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 2001
Winner of Interzum Award (Koyo Legman) as the first Asian manufacture in its history.
Office furniture manufacturers in USA & Europe started to use Koyo Legman
Start selling Legman for USA, UK, & France


Exhibited at Cologne Interzum 1999
Koyo Legman exhibited as reference
Start joint development of Koyo height adjustment mechanism with American Major
office furniture manufacturer